Phenom II 955 bottlenecking 7970?

Hello all,
I recently bought a 7970 on sale and it came free with Crysis 3. Using MSI afterburner's on screen monitoring, I'm seeing that I get about 29 FPS on average with some jumps to 60 FPS with all settings on high and v-sync on. It also shows that my GPU usage is only getting to as high as 53% and was wondering if this was likely the result of my CPU holding back my GPU. Any suggestions?

Edit: My GPU is set at 1 GHz core and 1450 Memory clock. Rest of my specs are in my signature
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    Well a 965 BE at 4 GHz can run a 7870 at most or close to that area. So yes, your cpu is bottlenecking that gpu hard. You can try to OC more if you can, and that will help, or you can upgrade the processor. If you dont upgrade to a new processor, that card will always be bottlenecked.
  2. If your board will accept this cpu this may help your bottle neck

    If not time to upgrade your board and cpu to get the most out of your gpu card.
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