Can formating my HDD remove this problem?

Well recently I was speaking with some yahoo tech support. They said there was something on my computer and that the only reason it was still able to run was the power I have behind it(mainly the 16gb of ram). So I was wondering if I format my two HDD and install a fresh OS after that would it remove this issue?
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  1. Knowing what the issue is would help a great deal if you want know if formatting the drive will fix it.

    Formatting the HDD and re-installing is a typical tech support response, its the method with the largest chance of getting whatever the problem as it essentially removes all possible software conflicts.
    But really, its like killing a fly with a bazooka. Completely overkill, chances are you can solve the problem without having to start again.
  2. Well they wouldn't tell me much of what the problem might be. It might be that.

    I mean if formatting will fix the problem I really don't mind. There isn't anything on the computer I need.
  3. So without actually knowing the problem the only solution is a bazooka to a fly?
  4. Well, I cant recommend any solution without knowing what in fact the problem is. Is it running slow, blue screening, wont turn on?
  5. manofchalk said:
    Well, I cant recommend any solution without knowing what in fact the problem is. Is it running slow, blue screening, wont turn on?

    It is running slow. It blue screen sometimes (but I'm guessing that has to do with my cpu not having proper cooling). It turns on, and recently it has been making windows go in active.
  6. Let me clarify on what I mean by slow. It takes about 5 seconds for a program to open, but as for like in the program. Take a game like minecraft that use to be like 60+ frames and would load world instantly now pulls about 3-5 frames and takes a minute or two to load worlds or even load into the game to select a world.
  7. So just in general things are becoming slower, including startup times on programs and in-game performance.

    That indicates to me either RAM or HDD failure. Try running a Memtest86+ and get a program called Crystal Disk Info. Memtest obviousely will check your RAM for instability which could be causing the issue, and Crystal Disk will read your HDD's S.M.A.R.T data to see if its running correctly.
    Another way to check if the HDD is at fault would be too put minecraft or whichever program onto an external USB flash drive and run it off that. If it suddenly speeds up, then that's a sign the HDD is th cause.

    Its also probably worthwhile running an anti-virus scan (go into Safe Mode first) just to cover your bases. A free anti-virus like Malwarebytes will do.
  8. Well just ran Memtest86+ and it went threw the first test and stop at 51% during the second test... stayed there for a minute or two and the the computer shut off.
  9. Just ran Crystal Disk and here are the results

    They both says good, but looking at the numbers on my main drive (c) doesn't look so.
  10. I tried to run that anti virus you suggested and it messed with my vid card drivers. I had to uninstall them so my screen wouldn't freak out. running it one more time before reinstalling the drivers.
  11. Well a new problem has arrised after running that anti-virus and sweeping what was there..

    The screen on my computer goes black. The sound continues to play for awhile then stops, and the computer freezes. Until I pull the plug.
  12. Well, your system failed Memtest86+, so I would assume thats your problem. Try running it a few more times to see if its not just an isolated thing.
    If Crystal Disk says everything is good, I'm inclined to agree. S.M.A.R.T data is a bit tricky to interpret correctly unless you already know how everything goes.
  13. Well now my computer refuse to boot at all. There is a red light by the 24 pin connector on the mobo. normal I would see this light right before boot, but now it see to be stuck there.
  14. In that case bust out your mobo manual and see what that means. If theres any beep codes you will want to check that as well.
  15. There are no beep codes at all. The only time any sound was made was when I reseated the video card and forgot to power it.
  16. Well just figured you that the light was the dram led but no idea what it means.
  17. Well just figured you that the light was the dram led but no idea what it means.
  18. manofchalk quick question if you are still watching this. Is it possible that a faulty motherboard caused all this?
  19. Well, if the ram failed Memtest and the mobo is giving you a DRAM warning, then that to me sounds like you have some dead memory. Test with individual sticks until you find the one thats dead, and get it replaced.

    Most likely not.
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