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Frys electronics where I live is selling the 1155 socket (Sandy/Ivy Bridge) motherboards for a heavily discounted price (example Asus Sabertooth originally $259 is now $155) and The Ivy Bridge processors are also going on a 15% off sale, and I'm wondering for my first build, should I buy the 1155 socket motherboards for the discounted price with a 15% off i5 3770K and forget about upgrading in the future. Or should I break down and buy the 1150 socket and a Haswell 4770k. I know that Haswell is the tick to the Ivy Bridge tock (may be backwards doing this wile half asleep) and that the 1155 socket is going to be "dead" after this year. My primary uses will be medium to heavy gaming applications, internet browsing, and the occasional physics homework when school starts, and maybe getting my toes wet in Photoshop and video making. I do not plan to overclock my first build, but I might change my mind depending on the given performance when my build is complete.

planed parts for build, criticism and recommendations welcome

case: Cooler Master HAF XB

motherboard: MSI GD65 Gaming socket type 1155 and 1150

cpu: undecided

cpu cooler: Cooler Master X6 Elite


graphics card: MSI Gaming 760 TF 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 760 2GB

wireless internet adapter: mother is insistent that the router stays downstairs and not at my desk where it gets the most use.

hdd: Western Digital Caviar 1TB

ssd: Samsung 120GB 2.5in SSD 840 Series

psu: Corsair Professional Series 750W SLI 80 PLUS Gold

optical drive: LG Internal SATA 12x Super Mult Blu Ray Writer

os: dual boot Windows 7 H.P. for steam and games /Linux Ubuntu for general internet and homework use
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  1. if u're getting them at good prices, by all means get they Ivy, the performance difference is not much, and about the dead socket- u won't find the need to upgrade till at least the next 4 Gens and by the time 1150 will also be dead
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    Go for Ivy. The difference is very minor anyway, so if you're getting a good deal you might as well.

    Rest of your build looks reasonable, though I'd suggest cheaper RAM (no advantage above DDR3-1600, and you're paying for the label), and any 500W+ PSU from the list in my sig.

    Take it there's no way to run Ethernet to the router?

    EDIT: Also, MSI doesn't have the best rep, and there's little added value above a GA-Z77X-D3H or Z77 Extreme4.
  3. Haswell in terms of performance gain isn't anything special over Ivy, if you can get an Ivy system for so much cheaper than the equivalent Haswell then you might as well go for it.
  4. thanks for the advice people, Ill go with Ivy cause its a steal right now at Frys right now and as for the Ethernet, I cant run a cable upstairs, already asked and mother said no (have 40mb/s anyway) and Ill look for some cheaper ram. maybe some Kingston Iv seen its very cheap.
  5. Avoid Kingston; most of theirs is 1.65V, which can long-term harm your IMC. They do make some LoVo stuff which is 1.35V though.
  6. ok will look for something better than Kingston
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