Computer turns off, and then won't turn back on until...?

So maybe a little over a year ago my boyfriend got the computer kit and video card listed below:

His friends told him it was a good kit. They often talked about their knowledge of computers, so he trusted them and went ahead to buy it.

Well, everything started out pretty well. After a few months passed, his computer began to get somewhat loud. It worried him a bit, but other than the loud fans everything seemed to be working fine so he shrugged his worries off.

Recently though, the computer has been VERY loud. As someone who doesn't know much about computers, I was even alarmed.
And lately his computer has been turning off and refusing to turn back on until he takes it apart and pushes all the wires back into place.
This has happened multiple times, and it only keeps getting more frequent. He has no idea what could be causing this.

The last time this happened, the computer turned off, turned back on without any problems, but would not recognize his monitor until he opened it up to make sure nothing was loose and pushed in all the wires.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? We're not sure what to replace and he doesn't want the computer to get worse.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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    THe power supply in that case is a level five power supply or one that can go up it flames really easy. Just google the name and power supply to see how many of them are bad. I bet the ps not holding to the atx spec and it causing the video card fan to max out. I replace it with a good 600w cosair or other bronze rated power supply. See if the pc works fine after replacing the power supply. If not have him check that the CPU fan on tight and the fan is moving.
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