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Hi guys,

I am planning to get two Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans(non-PWM) for my 240mm radiator. I am currently using Asus P8Z77-V PRO. I have just found out that Fan Expert 2 can only control chassis fans(can be non-PWM) and not CPU header fans. I believe the CPU fan controls in BIOS are also only PWM.

Are there any fixes besides getting a fan controller? I was thinking to connect two of the chassis fans to the CPU-header and and free up spaces and connect the GT AP-15s to the chassis fan slots so that I can connect the fans by Fans Expert 2. Basically swop the fans.

Thanks in advance!

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    You are correct the CPU headers control PWM fans only. You can swap the fans around if you wish - the Chassis fan reference temp is the same as used for the CPU. Then use Fan Xpert 2 and see if you can get the speeds you want etc.

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