NZXT Phantom/i-3770k Optimal Cooling

Hi, I've been playing around with overclocking on my computer, and I am finding that my current cooling is just not cutting it. I would like to try to hit at LEAST 4.5GHz comfortably, and I do not feel that I can with what I have. Specifically, I would like to upgrade my CPU cooler, but I am perfectly fine with suggestions on the rest of the case as well.

I use:
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65
Processor: i-3770k
CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper212 EVO with the default setup (which I believe is one fan in pull)
Case: NZXT Phantom Full Tower
PSU: Antec 650W Earthwatts (I actually am debating about upgrading this as well. I believe it was bought in 2009, and when I prime95 and the CPU gets to ~70C, I believe the PSU is making sounds. It gets progressively worse and is terrible at ~85C. I tried to narrow it down, and I THINK it is the PSU.)

The case is using its default NZXT fans:
Rear, 1 X 120MM (exhaust)
Side, 2 x 120MM (intake)
Top, 1 X LED 200MM (exhaust)
and I added the Front, 1 X 140MM (intake) already

I was thinking about adding another 200mm to the top, and torn between the Noctua-D14, PHANTEKS PH-TC14PE, or a Corsair H100. My price range is somewhere around ~$150... So any suggestions are very welcome. I just am not sure for the optimal fan setup in that budget.
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    You already have a good setup, add the noctua. Don't bother with the H100, the noctua might perform better in your case because you have so much air moving in. And if the H100 performs better, it might be just around 1 to 2 deg.
  2. Since the Noctua is definitely below $150, are there any fans that I should put on it that could increase its performance?
  3. No more, since you already have an exhaust at the back and on the roof, your case would have a great airflow even if you make your cpu cooler horizontally oriented (fans blowing towards the rear) or vertically (fans blowing towards the roof).
  4. Rather than "add fans to it," I meant replace the fans that are on it. No doubt I've heard great things about them, but there aren't "better?"

    I suppose that all depends on how much can be pushed out by the exhaust fans, though.

    Edit: And just out of curiosity, why the Noctua over the Phantek?
  5. Because the Noctua is the best according to Tomshardware, and I trust them dearly. haha

  6. Wow. It looks like the Noctua U14 was pretty toe-to-toe with the Phantek there.

    So just to clarify, one last time, are you recommending a stock Noctua D14 or U14?
  7. Noctua bro. :) But if you like the looks of the phanteks, then go for it. I also went for an expensive fan just for the sake of looks. haha
  8. I think you misunderstood my question. :(

    The article you gave me said that they picked the Noctua NH-U14S. However, I was previously asking if I should get the D14. Are you recommending the D14, or the U14S?
  9. Oh man I'm sorry. So stupid of me. Performance of those coolers wouldn't be that far. :)
  10. Thank you for your help~
  11. sure :)
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