2400Mhz Ram G.Skill TridentX CL10 or Kingston HyperX CL11 or Corsair CL9?

I have a Haswell i5 4670K CPU on a Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H Motherboard with a Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 RAM. and a cooler master hyper 212 evo CPU cooler which is to be considered when talking about RAM clearance.

Now after knowing that my CPU Officially supports up to 2933Mhz RAM with 1.65v according to the list in that link

And after testing the system on a 2133Mhz CL10 settings and seeing the very significant IGP performance boost as well as the better overall performance of the system, video editing and such, i can not longer accept just 1600Mhz modules in my system.

I have also found very minimal price difference (like 8 Euros) between the 1600Mhz kit i have and some 2400/2133Mhz kits i have found, i have decided to replace the ones i have with the faster ones.

Please do not turn this thread into a (you do not need more than 1600Mhz RAM) thread or a (you should not run more than 1.5v modules because it will kill the IMC) or that sort of thing, as i have my mind set on 2000Mhz+ modules already and i am also willing to pay the negligible price difference as it is very little it can not be allocated to better any other component of the system.

Now after researching my market (Europe) i have found only 4 kits that fall into my price range and are from brands i think i can be comfortable installing in my system, the thing is that i am very confused about what the final selection should be and therefore i need your help.

The modules i am considering are the following in order of performance:

1) G.Skill TridentX DDR3 PC19200/2400MHz CL10 2x4GB (F3-2400C10D-8GTX)

2) Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3 PC19200/2400MHz CL11 XMP 2x4GB (KHX24C11T3K2/8X)

3) Corsair Vengeance Pro Silver DDR3 PC17066/2133MHz CL9 2x4GB (CMY8GX3M2B2133C9)

4) Corsair Vengeance Low Profile Blue DDR3 PC17000/2133MHz CL11 2x4GB (CML8GX3M2A2133C11B)

I am comparing these kits based on specifications (speed/timing), profile (high/medium/low), quality and brand reputation. and this is why i am very confused, as every modules has its set of pros and cons and i am not sure what cons i am willing to accept.

The modules range from high profile (around 50+/- mm) the HyperX and Vengenace Pro which can not fit under my CPU cooler if i ever need to place it in the slot closest to the CPU.

Medium Profile, the TridentX with the top red fins removed (39mm) which can fit under the CPU cooler (almost)

Low profile, The Vengeance LP (below 30mm) which provides ultimate peace of mind when it comes to clearance of CPU coolers or Rads.

The G.Skill kit seems to have the best of all worlds as it is the fastest and better timing of all, at a good price (i can get it discounted), has a black PCB and supposedly good quality ICs, also i can remove the top fins to make it fit under my CPU cooler if i need to populate the slot closest to the CPU, but it is UGLY as a sin and looks childish, also it does not match the color scheme of my MB, more importantly, i am pretty nervous about the G.Skill company itself, Taiwan, badly looking and constructed website, in short the overall appeal of the company is not as clean and professional as Kingston and Corsair.

The Kingston kit comes from a company that has been known for professional quality and reliability, the modules are listed in Intel's Official XMP certified list for my exact CPU and board so its compatibility is guaranteed by Intel and the Board manufacturer but it has a much slower timing than the G.Skill's of 11-13-13-31 vs. 10-12-12-31 for the G.Skill, so i have to decide between better specs and better quality/compatibility

The Corsair Pro. seems to be a good balance between speed and timing as 2133@CL9 but has a high profile which is not very favorable.

The Corsair low profile modules are of course low profile which is desirable, runs @1.5v which is again good but has the horrible timing of 11-11-11-27 @2133Mhz which is the worst performance in that list.

What do you guys think i should get?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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    Go with the Tridents, that's what I'm running after much testing (32GB set in sig with the 3570K) - comparison wise both the CL11 sets are lower performance the 2133/9 Corsair set is similar in performance but has weaker ICs, memory chips, i.e. might be able to push them to 2400/10, but the Tridents at 2400/10 already normally can breeze up to 2666 if you desire to OC them
  2. Thank you very much for your answer, much appreciated,

    What about the brand reputation of G.Skill, i see some bad DOA and stability issues reviews in Newegg, also the website of the company does not look trust-able, what about their RMA process, support etc...?

    Also would they fit under the Hyper 212 Evo once the red fins are removed? and will they heat up if i remove the finds, given the high voltage and frequency they are running on?

    Are they running 100% stable on 2400Mhz CL10 and how did you test their 2666 limits on your 3570K? this CPU is supposed to only be capable of 2133 according to Intel XMP certified list.

    Do you like the way they look? isn't the looks somewhat trashy/childish?

    Would i get better service/support/warranty if i get the corsairs 2133@CL9?

    Thanks again. :)
  3. Where to start...hmmmm.....lifetime warranty, if RMA is ever needed (at least in the States, they normally ship out replacements within 2 two days max....Brand reputation, I'd say is the best, they ARE the best selling DRAM in the US right now, and are expanding the outreach of their sales worldwide...They have the largest selection of sticks out there, and are both the innovators and leaders in advancing the tech of DRAM, for example the 2400 Tridents I have were out for about a year before Corsair put out a similar 32GB/2400 set - and oddly enough used the same exact timings and set up that the GSkill sticks came out with a year earlier...On the Tri's in general - there is no problem with the 212 EVO, the fan is adjustable, I just set it to just above the yop of the fins, and still at 4.7 24/7 idle is low thirties, also have an EVO sitting atop 32GB in my 2500K P67 Fatal1ty at 4.8 24/7....I've been using GSkill pretty exclusively since around 2008, and also do volunteer support work on their forums, used to use a lot of Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston, but now as suggestions, it's basically always GSkill and for use on client builds same unless they specify otherwise - and even then have converted many of those folks because the GSkill sticks are generally stronger and most always have OC headroom....2666 is possible with a good 3570K that's OCed, I could only do 16 GB however and had to go to CL11 for good stability and keeping voltage down, CL10 took 1.72 and the MC voltage up to 1.24 which is more than I like to run
  4. Awesome am almost sold, these sticks seem to give me all i want at a good price point and after what you said my unease about the brand is gone, i am also aware that they have an EU RMA center based in the Netherlands so that is also covered.

    Just to confirm a few points before i push the checkout button, when you say that you could fit the Evo on top of these modules, do you do that with the red fins removed which brings the modules height to 39mm or do you keep the fins attached? also with them removed do the modules heat up at these speeds? i know that the (TXD) version comes with fans so it seems that cooling is critical? and in this case removing the fins would not be recommended when the sticks are passively cooled?

    also when you fit the Evo on top of them how much is it up-shifted? if my calculations are correct, you would only need to shift the fan up by around 8mm or something less than 1cm, do you have the Evo in push/pull or only push with its stock fan?

    EDIT: on a side note, since you have the Evo, Corsair is currently running an offer of $30 off when you purchase a case from them with a 2X120mm fans or 1X140mm fan, and i am pretty unsure if i should get the 140mm AF fan and use it as a case top exhaust or get 2 SP120 High Performance PWM fans and use them on the Evo in push/pull instead? since i currently have only the stock fan in a push position.

    Thanks again.
  5. I left the fins on, like the look and think I only had to raise it 1/4 in maybe....figured I'd pull the fins depending on temps, but idle norm is around 32 +/- 2 degrees and being in Arizona, that well within my tolerances. Even without the fins, they stay cool, I've run some other brands at high freqs in this rig and they get rather warm compared to the Tri's (am leaning towards 2800 for my Haswell build)

    Currently I am just pulling from the front, putting a push on the back helps a degree or two, but I have an exhaust fan right there on the case which effectively pulls from the back of the EVO.

    The EVO uses 120 fans so that might be a good option ;)
  6. Thanks a bunch, you are a life saver, you solved a lot of my problems and worries, it is great that these modules have removable fins, like you said if temps are not good they can be removed, knowing that the option is there is a relief.

    I was considering some 2666 or 2800 modules but they are massively expensive it is like 3 times+ the price of the 2400 and they are very rare, so not economically viable at this point i wish i could have faster RAM but these are good enough for the price, maybe in a few months they would be attainable.

    Thanks for the tip about the Evo, you are right, push/pull brings the temp down by about 2 or 3 degrees, not worth the hassle, i think i will just get an AF140 to provide extra exhaust for the whole case, lowering the temps of not only the CPU but other components as well, i will have a total of 2 140mm front intakes and 2 140mm exhaust, one at the back and one at the top.

    I think after the information you provided i have completed my entire setup and will place my order for RAM, Case and FAN now.

    Thank you very much :)
  7. Not a problem, think you'll be very happy, and you're right about the sticks at 2800 and above being rare - they are having problems getting enough ICs so production is ony about 4-5 sets a month based on the quality of the ICs they get...and everybody wants them ;)
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