MSI-z87vs ASRock Z87-Extreme4 vs Asus Z87 A vs gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H

Building a system and looking at motherboards on microcenter
I'm looking at the offers that will come with the 4670k
My system so far:
gigabyte 760 gtx windforce
i5 4670k
8gb kingston hyper x ram
I'm building my system in Lebanon and have friends from the states bringing over the gpu cpu and mobo but I don't have a great selection of cases and psu's so I haven't chosen them yet (waiting for the smaller components to get here)

This is my first system so other than ports, oc, and sli I don't really know what I might get from my motherboard and I'm not interested in overclocking unless I need to and i don't expect to need to. I'm buying it for 1080p gaming.
I'd like to know if buying the gigabyte UD4H is worth the extra money and what would be the best bang for buck out of the four boards.
Prices are available on the link posted.
Input is appreciated.
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    none of the above. pick up the z87x-d3h. nice and cheap, no extra features that you dont need, and has everything you need for a low price. its avaliable in a combo deal at newegg

    amazon however has it for 142.99 as a standalone
  2. If you're not overclocking, the Core i5-4670K is a waste of money. And so is a Z87 motherboard unless there's some other feature you need (like SLI support).
  3. Actually picked the 4670k because combined with the mobo bundles microcenter offers it would be cheaper than a 4670 and a mobo bought separately from newegg. I went with the asrock extreme4 but I actually wanted to know if they really greatly differ that much and if I could get away with buying the MSI g41 or if I'd be missing out on anything if i don't go with the UDH4 .. I bought the asrock for sli support (in case I wanted to add a graphics card at some point) and because everyone who reviewed it on new egg was happy with the BIOS as opposed to the UDH4..
    Got it for 325 which is cheaper than the newegg deal you sent me.
  4. the ud3h and the d3h boards have a way higher quality vrm compared to anything from asrock up until their oc series
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