Call of duty black ops 2 requirements for my PC

I know most of you guys will think 'check the system requirements on google',I did but it didn't satisfy me.Im just asking if my PC can run black ops 2 smoothly or not before I actually buy it.So heres my PC specs:
CPU:Intel Pentium G860 3.0Ghz
RAM:12GB DDR3 1333Mhz
MOBO:Asus P8B75-M
HDD:500GB western digital
PSU:cooler masters 475w

Thats my PC specs,sso if you guys have any thoughts please do reply I would love to hear to you guys that are pro out there.Anyway Thanks.
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  1. Yes easily.
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    it will play on low settings at 720p only
  3. I have Asus NVIDIA GT 630 2gb . everything on max settings for BO2 not sure about the anti-aliasing tho :D
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