Looking to build a new system, concerned about the lack of USB 3.0 Ports


I am looking to build a new system as the one I currently have is 6 years old. I am currently running a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core 5800+ 3.00 GHZ. I am looking to upgrade to a six or eight core processor.

My only concern is most system boards only come with two or three USB 3.0 ports, and several other USB 2.0 ports. If I am going to build a new system, I would like to have the most recent technology.

The little research I have done, has told me there are not a lot of products on the market right now that supports USB 3.0 which could be the reasoning for not a lot of 3.0 ports on the system boards right now. I know I could always purchase a PCI expansion card down the road if I need it.

Does anyone see USB 3.0 becoming a standard anytime soon on system boards since it's backwards compatible and will work with USB 2.0 devices?

Right now I am seeing mostly external hard drives using USB 3.0. Does anyone see other components down the road using it such as tablets, cameras, printers, keyboards and mice?

Last but not least with everything I stated above would you still build a new system or wait for USB 3.0 to become the standard?

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  1. You won't be building for quite some time if you wait for USB 3.0 to become the standard. Look at it this way, How many USB 3.0 devices do you currently have? As you stated, the most comon USB 3.0 device out there now is the external HDD. And I seriously doubt that you will immediately go out and buy all new USB 3.0 devices when they come out to replace your current USB 2.0 devices. As you stated, if you ever find the need for additional USB 3.0 ports, you can get a pci-e expansion card or a USB 3.0 hub.
  2. the higher data rate is not needed for common peripherals like keyboards and mice. usb 3.0 will definitely be "the norm" some day, but definitely not soon.
    basically, don't be concerned if there area a lack of usb 3.0 ports.
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    Remember each USB internal header can support two USB ports, then you get whatever is on the rear I/O. A good trick I found to make those easily accessible is too get some USB extension cables and glue them to your desk.

    USB2 will be around for the forseeable future IMO. Mouse/Keyboard/Printers simply dont need the bandwidth USB3 offers, and in the case of the mouse/keyboard it will stay USB2 until USB3 is supported within the BIOS (same reason a rig will always have some USB2 ports).
    Storage devices are the only things right now that can really take advantage of USB3, mainly your flash based storage, HDD's not so much.

    Build a rig, the bandwidth of your USB ports isnt important enough to wait.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies, I will be building a new system soon.
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