Trying to clone 120GB SSD to a 240GB SSD

I am trying to clone my 120GB SSD to a 240GB SSD. I have 2 regular HD's and 1 SSD already and want to add the 4th HD (240GB SSD to be my OS drive). I needed to disconnect my DVD-Rom to connect the 240 SSD).

I backed up all my hard drives in case something went wrong, which it did.

I disconnected my DVD-Rom and connected the 240GB SSD (I only have 4 SATA ports). I then formatted the 240 since no drive letter was assigned to it even though it was displayed in the Device Manager.

I then used "Macrium Reflect" to clone my 120GB to 240GB drive. I increased the size of the data partition on the 140GB (c:).

I then shutdown, disconnected my 120GB SSD and started my computer. It started to boot up and then I got an error about a problem with something (I think it was the boot MBR?) and try to fix using a disk image. I thought of using my backup image which turned out to be a mistake.

I ended up disconnecting my 240 SSD and connected my 120 SSD and needed to load my backup to all my drives since I somehow messed up my F: drive (my data drive). This morning when the restore finished, I was able to boot up windows and all my files are here using my old 120SSD.

I then plugged my 240SSD and made sure in the BIOS to set my boot devices to only be cd-rom and 120SSD. But, when I started my computer I got an error and had an option of using my Windows 7 CD to repair the boot sectors or whatever it was. I do not have a DVD-rom anymore since I needed to disconnect that to connect my 4th hard drive.

How can I format my 240 SSD to get rid of the mess I made so I can try to clone again using Acronis Migrate instead this time?

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  1. Some options:
    1. Disconnect one of your hard drives temporarily to be able to attach the ssd.
    2. Buy a external USB dvd drive. They are not expensive.
    3. Buy a usb to sata adapter like this:
    I have not heard of "Macrium Reflect".
    Acronis true image has a clone utility that would be my choice.
    That utility is available free if your SSD is Samsung or Intel.
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    You can try Easeus Disk Copy too.... I've used it several times and works great and is free.

    See here,

    The program you download actually makes a Bootable USB stick or CD/DVD. You run the program from that media avoiding running in Windows. So you can connect your drives to your available SATA connectors, no external adapter required. Of course if you were working on a laptop for instance, an external adapter would be needed.
  3. Question - How did you do the original install to the 120 Gig SSD:
    .. Clean or cloned from HDD ??
    .. On which drive is the System partition - it should be on the 120 Gig SSD (100 to 200 mb partition), If this partition is on the HDD than that may explain your problems. One way this happens is that the Old HDD is left connected when you did a clean install to SSD. Can you boot to the SSD with all OTHER HDDs disconnected - should be able to, but if you fer an error than it is because the System partition is on one of the HDD!!.

    Alternative app for cloning ssd -> new SSD is :
    .. EasyUS a freebe for home use.
    .. My favority is Ez-Gig-IV. Cost about 15->20 bucks on new egg. The program (freebe) requires the apricorn SATA->USB cable. However, I've found this cable very usefull and worth the Money.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses.

    I managed to get this ironed out.

    I did a clean install of windows on the 120 SSD awhile ago.

    I finally figured what I did wrong when I attached both SSD's in order to format the 240 SSD so it is clean for another try at cloning. As I stated earlier, when I only had the 120 SSD attached, windows would boot up. But, as soon as I attached the 240 SSD, windows would not boot up. In the bios I did not make the SATA 1 be my 120 SSD even though I had set the 120 SSD as the 1st priority for booting. I did not realize that you need to have the drive to boot up be on the SATA 1 spot in the bios. As soon as I set SATA 1 in the bios to the 120 SSD, I was able to boot up windows even with the 240 SSD attached. I then wiped clean the 240 SSD. I downloaded a trial version of Acronis Migrate Easy and the clone worked flawlessly. Then I changed the bios to show the 240 SSD in the SATA 1 position and windows booted up and all my programs work. Yeah. I wiped the 120 SSD and loaded my Photoshop, Lightroom 5 and Painter 12 onto it.
    I do not have a DVD burner; but, I might look into a cheap external one. Or I can use the one on my backup computer.
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