P8B75-M new build not booting, need help please!


i just bought a new P8B75-M, Celeron G1610, samsung 2Gb DDR3-1333 2GB, and a 400W PSU.

i have already looked around here, googled everything and still its not booting. everytime i power it on, it'll just spin around 1-3seconds and stop. no beep, a one flash of DRAM_LED and that's it.. i've changed slot the memory and nothing work..

what could be the problem? im sure i've setup the correct cables..

hope i am making a sense here and somebody could help me. this is my first time to assemble a pc. been using a mac ever since..

thank you very much!!
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    The G1610 needs bios level 1002 to be supported. It was released 11/2012.
    There is nothing on the box to tell you this. You will get the latest bios unless you bought some very old stock.
    I doubt this is the problem.

    I do my initial testing with the motherboard out of the case. That eliminates the possibility of shorts.
    Attach only your ram, cpu cooler, keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
    To power on, momentarily touch the two PWR pins on the front panel header. Or, use the pwr button leads from your case if it is close enough.

    I suspect that the problem is with your ram.
    Are you possibly trying to use ecc ram?
    Exactly what part number are you trying to use?
  2. Greetings,

    thank you for the reply, apparently, since this is my first time to assemble a PC, i have no case for the motherboard. i have my brother helped me to put a jumper to the pins on the lower right of the board, to get it boot.

    we're not quite sure if we placed the correct jumper, but we followed some diagrams from the manual.

    CPU: BX80637G1610
    Motherboard: P8B75-M (part no. 90 - MIBIB0 - G0JAY0DZ)
    RAM: M378B5773DH0 -CH9

    other than that, a 400W PSU. and thats all. just trying out.
    and 'To power on, momentarily touch the two PWR pins on the front panel header', how do i do that? sorry from being noob.

    thank you!
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