Razer Tiamat 7.1 thoughts?

I've been doing lots of research on the Razer Tiamat and I'm a bit confused on the verdict. Some say that the multiple drivers set a new standard in surround experience while others say they prefer using commercial airline heaphones. I think the people who get bad quality out of them are the ones using a bad sound card. If i paired that with a Xonar Phoebus would I get good sound quality? I don't need anything studio audio quality (I already have seinheissers for music composition) just something that will immerse me in the game. Has anyone tried them with their full potential and say that the heaphones are great for surround? I know the microphone is awful, but I already have a yeti which is alrite for gaming if positioned correctly.
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    Well I haven't used them personally. But from the reviews I've read they are very bass heavy. With a good sound card like yours you should be able to flatten the sound out a bit.

    But for what ever it's worth, genuine surround sound headsets aren't worth the money IMO. When the speakers are that close together you just can't tell the difference compared to virtual surround sound headsets. I'd say save your money get the razer tiamat 2.2 or just get a good studio headset.
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