Compare these two laptops please, Asus ROG

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  1. Is what worth it? The screen size? The processor? The price tag?

    What do you want to do with the computer???
  2. Games and I want to start recording music and adding effects... So just the extra 450 is it that much of an upgrade to spend an extra 450? Like will it last longer?
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    I would buy the 17" because of its superior screen, current (and better) GPU, and better battery life.
  4. Hmm how much better is the gpu? and so you feel all of that is worth the extra 450?
  5. Also, I can get more gift cards and all and it will cost me 230 out of pocket for the difference between the two.

    And I heard the G750JW has green horizontal lines in dark sections of the screen... I don't know if that can be fixed? People say they uninstall something and it helps but it doesn't fix it completely.
  6. I think there is something to be said for a large screen, especially if you are going to use it as your primary computer. I would opt for it for only $230 more.
  7. You think just the size alone is worth the $230? :P
  8. Yes, for me personally, it's worth it.

    Also consider you get a quad core processor, better integrated graphics, better discrete graphics, more storage space, much higher resolution screen (in addition to a larger area), etc.
  9. Okay thank you. Is it possible to change the screen of a laptop? It comes with a screen that could be a lot better, but I can deal.
  10. What do you mean by "It comes with a screen that could be a lot better, but I can deal."? You want to put in a lower quality screen? Either way... It is possible if you are good at taking apart fragile plastic and little screws. You also can only change the screen into another screen that was designed to go into that laptop.

    In reality, no, you can't easily change the screen.
  11. Dang that's a bummer. And no the issue is that it's matte but it's a really ugly matte that has little rainbow specs all over the screen, and also horizontal lines that aren't normal.
  12. That might be a deal breaker for me too. I would go to the store and look at them closely if they are on display and see if it matters to you. I have found that I dislike glossy screens on laptops because you typically have the screen angled back and it catches the overhead lights in the room you are in. So, generally, I would like the matte finish. But, if you can, go look in person and see.
  13. I did look in person. It could be way better but I can also deal haha.
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