Can I install sata drive from my old computer (XP) in to my new PC (Win 8)

I bought a new Dell Inspiron with Windows 8. My old system was XP. Can I take the old drive and install it as an additional drive in the new Dell? I'd like to keep all the data on the old drive including the software. If I try and transfer the data it will only transfer documents, pictures etc. The old drive says it doesn't need jumpers. that both drives will act as master drives??
Does this mean
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  1. Just connect it to the sata port no 3 on the mother board( or any other sata connection you wish)t and it will turn up in system as a slave. You will be able to access old files.
    Your bios setting chooses primary boot drive.
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    Hi Twintrow,

    I would suggest you to go with USB HDD enclosure (Depending on type of your old HDD – IDE / SATA). Also I do not think transferring the software would be possible as windows 8 is built on a completely different architecture and its never recommended to transfer a software- rather needs to be installed on the PC that you want to use it.
  3. You will need to reinstall your software anyhow. Most program settings are in the windows registry. Win 8 will not automatically read the XP registry so will have no clue about those programs. Your data (documents, music, pictures, videos,...) on the other hand will be fine.
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