need help building a very upgrade able, very budget mini itx or micro atx gaming pc

hey, this is my first post but lets just get to the point, im wanting to build a tiny desktop pc ( i need to be able to take it from my dads house to my moms house easily every week) but i want it to be affordable (definitely no more than 500$ initially) i also already have a gt 430 or 440 i forget witch, a combo drive, a hard drive and the os. i want to be able to upgrade the cpu, gpu and the hard drive to an ssd in the far future. i don't want to be playing like battlefield 3 at ultra or anything, just solid 40-60 fps on higher end setting on a 1080p monitor or tv on stuff like minecraft, csgo, tf2, bad company 2, dayz, mabye diablo 3 etc..

i was thinking this looked good

i was also wanting to know if i should have 4 physical cores or if theres a better amd alternative, keep in mind someday i will want to upgrade to probably a i5 3570k or something amd equivalent.
any input would be appreciated, thanks and have a good day.
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    Alright, this seems good (if you want to continue playing games in the future, not just he ones you listed go for a gtx 660 ti), but if you could I'd really go for a laptop because desktops (especially home-made) aren't exactly portable. Also get Quad Core, since the 660 ti is overpriced (it costs 250 and you can get a 760 for that which you should go for rather than 660 ti) just upgrade your gpu to 650 ti, also you ought to go for quad core processor, don't worry about the gpu tho, you can upgrade that anytime and it's really easy, it's harder tho to upgrade your processor, so whenever you first build a computer, make sure you're processors good, I prefer intel to AMD, but AMD's easier to build.
  2. might need a better CPU as dayZ is a very CPU intensive game so you might not be able to play that on good settings
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