128GB Samsung 840 Pro Vs. 250GB 840 Evo

Hey guys,

So in a few months I plan on building new desktop, and was wondering what SSD I should go with.

I was going to get the 128GB 840 Pro ($130), but when I saw the 250GB 840 EVO is coming out for only $60 more ($190), I was wondering if it was the better choice.

I'm willing to spend an extra $60 for twice the space, but is 250GB 840 EVO better, or just cheaper? Because right now I would like performance more than space, so I could just go with the 256GB 840 Pro if I wanted that much storage, but is the 256GB 840Pro better than the 250GB 840 EVO?
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    Perhaps you missed the Tom's Hardware analysis of the performance of these two drives on the front page of Tom's Hardware. I would read it:,3567.html
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