Computer freezes randomly and has trouble re-booting (monitor gets no signal)

So I've had my computer for about 2.5 years and lately it has been freezing, sometimes only a few minutes after starting up and just browsing the Internet, and sometimes while playing games. But I do not believe that it matters what I am going. Lately it will freeze shortly (2-10 mins) after starting. But sometimes it has run all day with no problems. I don't recall it freezing after it has been on for several hours but it's possible.

My computer doesn't blue screen though, so I don't get any crash logs (.dmp files) nor do I see anything in the event viewer. What is strange is that sometimes the audio will continue to play, but everything else is locked. Once I had a song playing and it still played to the end, even though I couldn't do anything else.
It should be noted that my music is on my HDD while my OS and most other things are on my SSD. I checked disk integrity with two different programs on both HDs and there were no problems.

Now the real cause for concern for me is when I reboot the system after freezing.
Sometimes it boots fine, but usually the monitor light will blink (no signal) and everything on the case seems to be ok. Even if I completely shut down the computer (hold power button), wait a bit, then press the power button again, the monitor will still hang. Usually I have to try starting/resetting the system several times before it will work. I am afraid that someday it just won't start.

The only thing different about when it boots properly is that one fan will run loudly, and I believe it's my video card one. Not sure though.

At first I thought something might be overheating, but since it usually freezes shortly after booting up, I don't think this is the issue (and I checked temps and they seemed ok). I've updated my video drivers and BIOS as well.

I've run a while barrage of tests. Like memtest (but I don't remember if I tested all of my ram), tested video card mem, HDs, replaced virus scanner, etc but no luck.
Might have missing some kind of test though (like the PSU). One potential clue is that I ran 'verifier.exe' to check for driver stability, selected all 3rd party drivers (non-microsoft) and reseted. From what I know this is supposed to bluescreen your computer if there is a problem with a driver. But for me it would freeze (screen looks all garbled) shortly after startup. I had to disable verifier in safe mode. Didn't get any log either.

Feels like it could be either the video card, mother board, PSU, etc. I really don't know.


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM: Corsair DDR3 12 GB
VIDEO: Radeon HD 5770
PSU: Corsair 750W
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  1. -bump-

    Seems to be getting worse.

    For some reason, after opening the case and checking for loose cables, everything booted except that I got an blue screen just after the windows logo.

    From BlueScreenView:

    Bug Check Code: 0x1000007e
    Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe
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