Need Help overclocking Amd phenom 2 x4 925

I have been trying to get a stable over clock on my amd phenom 2 x4 925, i have been able to get it stable at 3.290 mhz but i want to get it to at least 3.5.

My vcore is at 1.344
My cooler is the seidon 120m
My ht link is 2350
My Nb frequency is at 2350.2 mhz
My dram freq is 470.2, Running DDR2 RAM.

I have also tried increasing the vcore and i still wasnt able to get a stable overclock at 3.3mhz.
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    Id say leave ur HT and NB around there and same for voltage and dump the freq to what u want, unless as u said the 3.3 attemp was with the same settings. When u overclock a non black edition cpu, usually its best to lower ur ram freq, but the NB and HT are prob good, how far did u attempt to bump up ur voltages?

    My x6 with very similar settings got to 3.7 beside the ram. Also beside not every cpu can hit the same freq, it also matters on the board.
  2. I pushed my vcore pretty high i was at 1.45 and when i ran prime 95 with my cpu at 3.3 it gave me a rounding error within 5 minutes. Should i try lowering the dram frequency?
  3. I know its suppose to help, my 1600 ram is down to like 1400 for my OC
  4. I looked in my bios i see something called memclock value i have 5 choices 200 266 333 400 533? is this what i should be changing?
  5. what is the stock freq of ur ram? then go below the stock freq, as changing the fsb freq which will move the cpu freq will also change the stock ram freq
  6. Ya my stock freq i think is 400mhz ive clocked the dram frequency to 326.7mhz and my cpu clock speed i raised to 3.430 mhz, everything seemes stable so far ill keep doing some more testing on prime95 and keep you posted!
  7. So i tried to go to 3.5mhz with the vcore at 1.4v and my ram clock at 266mhz, i ran prime95 for 5minutes and it gave me a rounding error ".5 expected less then .4" i cant seem to pinpoint whats holding my overclock back. Any ideas?
  8. not sure on the error but u can attempt to up ur HT and NB slightly higher or lower that might help
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