Win7 Install Fail: A required CD/DVD driver is missing REVISITED

Trying to install Win7 and get "A required CD/DVD driver is missing", which is covered in another thread here. The resolution given was to change the SATA controller mode from AHCI back to IDE.

But I can't do that because my intention is to install Win7 on a RAID array - so I have to keep my SATA controller in RAID mode.

MSFT has a support note about this, but their answers are the same - either change the mode of the SATA controller, or use their tool to burn the Win7 install CD onto a USB Flash drive. Problem is, I don't have a thumb drive big enough for that.

I do have multiple HDDs in the target system. Is there a way to copy the install CD onto one of the other HDDs, then boot from that drive in order to install onto the RAID array?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'm not sure the hardware specifics are even relevant, but just in case, this happeend trying to install Win7 Pro from the retail CD on an Asus P9X79-E WS mobo from a LG Blu-ray Combo Drive Model UH12NS29. The P9X79-E WS is set to RAID mode and the target system device is a RAID0 array comprising two Crucial CT512M4SSD2 SSD's.

  2. Hmm... I don't have a 4GB flash drive, but I have sufficient parts to make a 1TB USB *disk* drive. Is there any reason the flash drive deployment option wouldn't work from a bootable external USB HDD?

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    the drive been seen as a external usb drive could you set your bios to boot from it .
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