How to Turbo Boost to 3.6GHz?

That is the processor I have. It says that I can turbo boost it up to 3.6GHz but when I enable intel turbo boost I only get 3.4GHz.

I went into the bios and manually set the clock speed to 3.6GHz but when I check a CPU monitoring program called CPU-Z it says I'm still at 3.4GHz.

How do I get to the 3.6GHz speed my processor can apparently get to? Do I edit voltage? BTW all my fans are at 100% so my temps are looking good.

I want Battlefield 3 running smooth as possible. Every Frame counts!!
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  1. You may have to adjust the power settings on your desktop. Type power settings into the start menu and if it on balanced change it to high performance, this may fix your issue.
  2. I have my settings on high performance. I also went to advanced settings and saw that my maximum processor state was set to 100% Maybe something else?
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    3.6GHz is the MAX turbo frequency and it will never go to that unless it's only using one or two cores/single threaded tasks. BF3 will use all 4 cores. It will not go to 3.6 in a game, and even if it could it would make zero.difference in your FPS
  4. Well that sucks :( I'm trying to devout all my PC power to the game I'm playing. I thought the clock speed would make a difference. Thanks
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