Sapphire vs. Powercolor Radeon HD 7870

I'm trying to decide between this Sapphire card and this Powercolor card. I would go with the Sapphire for their reputation, but it only has 1 displayport whereas the Powercolor has two. I have two monitors that support displayport, but I'm not sure if there's any need to use it at this point (I used DVI, they're 24" 1920x1200). I'll be connecting a TV w/ HDMI (w/ audio to a receiver) as well. Thing is, I probably will be using this card for many years to come, so I'm wondering if that extra displayport would come in handy in the future. Any input is appreciated!


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    I would say go with the sapphire card. It has a better rep, and more importantly a better cooler. As for the display ports you really wont need more display ports unless you want to use eyefinity. So the sapphire should be the best bet.
  2. As a Radeon owner I can tell you that Sapphire has one of if not the best reputation of all the AMD card manufacturers and Powercolor has the complete opposite.
  3. Ok, went with the Sapphire card. Thanks for the prompt responses!
  4. This is for a different set of cards but an interesting review, the first I have read thus far talking about comparing power and heat
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