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Eyefinity, One Monitor, or a Projector?

I own a pc, xbox, and ps3, but whenever I game I am typically on the pc (note: I use a single 7970) playing RPGs, racing games and, soon, FFXIV 2.0. Being able to connect my consoles would be a plus, but it's not necessary as they can go in the living room. With all of this in mind, I have been considering several options, but cannot decide which to go with (I do prefer glossy screens, but it isn't an option with some):

Three 23" monitors (eyefinity):

Three 27" 1080p monitors (eyefinity):

One 27" 1440p monitor:


1080p 3D projector:

Which do you feel would provide the better gaming experience? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. In all honesty, I would recommend simply a single 1440p display. At 5760x1080 res, even your beast of a GPU might have some trouble running everything perfectly. Having monitors in Eyefinity can be quite handy if they are being used as a workstation, but for gaming it's mostly for the "WOW" factor. There is, in fact, no use in some games; I know that in BF3, it doesn't actually increase your FOV at all, it simply spreads it across three screens, which honestly just makes it look kind of weird.
    Also, three 27" monitors is going to be a PAIN. I spent a month trying to plan out a good tri-27" monitor setup, but unless you have a desk that is like five feet wide and an enormous room, it just won't work.
    As for the projector; most projectors that I am acquainted with which are 1080p are displayed from too far away for there to be enough clarity. As it is, a single 27" 1080p monitor is pushing it in terms of PPI, and I'm sure that your projector would be projecting on a screen that is much larger than 27".
  2. Quote:
    common monitor sizes at 1080P

    1920x1080 @ 20" = 110 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 22" = 100 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 24" = 92 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 26" = 85 ppi

    common television sizes at 1080p

    1920x1080 @ 40" = 55 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 42" = 52 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 46" = 47 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 50" = 44 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 60" = 37 ppi

    for reference here are some other product ppi numbers

    1136x640 @ 4" = 326 ppi, iphone 5 retina display
    10000x10000 @ 20" = 707 ppi, prototype lcd display advertised in cpu mag
    2560x1600 @ 30" = 100 ppi, dell 30" ultrasharp monitor
    1920x1080 @ 5" = 440 ppi, typical 5" 1080p android phone
    1280x720 @ 4" = 367 ppi, typical 4" 720p android phone
    640x480 @ 32" = 25 ppi, typical 32" 480i crt tube television

    a single card will have difficulty running eyefinity at good quality.

    a ps3 can not make use of 1440p and the content will not look as good as it would on a 1080p monitor.

    i would suggest either a computer 1080p monitor 24-27", 1080p television 32-42" or if you wanted to go projector you could. honestly prices are going to be close between projector and television so i'd go with a television instead.

    standard 60hz 1080p sony, samsung or lg if you go tv. if you go monitor standard 60hz 1080p from a major brand. also think about if you want fast response time (tn) or better image quality (colors... on ips panel) and what your budget is.


    for the record i use a 40" 1080p screen... 55ppi is fine for windows and gaming at 3.5 feet away.
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    Actually, one thing that you could possibly do is have three 27" monitors, and then have a single monitor for each console.. You could connect your PS3 to the one on the right, PC to the middle, and XBOX to the left, for example.
    This may seem inconvenient (and for you it probably is), but in my opinion, as long as you have a space that doesn't require super drastic angles for the monitors, that could be cool.
  4. the only possible benefit of that is that you can be on multiple source devices at once.

    you can be on the ps3 while browsing this forum on the pc for instance while at the same time listening to internet radio on the xbox.

    despite being cool it is far from practical. the initial cost of the monitors is going to be high, the power drain is also going to be high and you will have 2 monitors as paperweights whenever you are just using one device.

    while i agree that one screen limits you to one device at any particular second... i dont find the need to multitask like that. if i'm on the ps3 i play games or use home. if i'm on the pc i play games or surf toms. i dont find the need to surf the internet while playing ps3 very often but in case i do...

    i just swap inputs for a few minutes while i look something up on the pc then shut down and swap back. pretty easy and convenient unless you need both up at all times.
  5. I'm always amazed by people that say, "I can't imagine a use for X." Three monitors is incredibly useful for racing games where you're racing against real humans like iRacing. I can see on my left and right using my peripheral vision and see the racers beside me without having to take my eyes off the the track in front of me. In addition I can look through corners like I would in a real car.

    All that said I just bought a 1080p projector and 92" screen (that's the largest that fits my game room setup). I do also plan on adding two additional, cheap projectors for peripheral vision.
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