Swapping AMD to Intel mobo and to fresh install?

Me again!!

As title says i am swapping from AMD to Intel.

Now in terms of doing a wipe and fresh install....

Do I need to run something like Dban prior to swapping out my hardware? or can I swap the hardware then just run the windows 7 disk to format/install?

My understanding is that once I install my new motherboard/CPU, is that I have to run the driver disk BEFORE I install windows. is this right?

Just looking for the easiest way to avoid any driver conflicts.
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  1. If you swap an AMD motherboard for an Intel motherboard or vice versa, you'll need to reinstall, no way around it. You'll also need to aquire a new license if you have an OEM copy of Windows. Driver conflicts are the least of your worries. But as long as you have a retail copy you will have no issues.
  2. Yea I know that I need to do a fresh install without a doubt.

    My question is, do I have to wipe the hard drive prior to swapping the new motherboard in (via Dban or something similar) then just do the new install?


    Can I install the new motherboard then use my windows 7 disk to format the drive as part of the re-install?
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    When you boot up the Windows 7 disk, you can just delete the old partitions that already exist then start the new installation on a new partition. It makes a 100MB System Reserved partition and a C: partition.
  4. great thanks
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