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This is my first time building a PC and would like my system reviewed. I will be playing games such as Star Craft 2, Skyrim, Battlefront, and others. I will also experiment with minor overclocking.

• Core
ASRock extreme 6/ac- 199.99
Corsiar Vengeance 8GB 1866- 85.99
• Video Card
EVGA gtx 770 superclocked- 419.99
• Case
Rosewill Blackhawk midtower case- 89.99
Corsair HX750- 129.99
Samsung 128GB SSD- 128.99
• CPU Fan
Hyper 212 EVO- 33.99
Western Digital Black 1TB- 89.99

I would like to know if the components are compatible and any suggestions. I do not want to go any higher in price as this is pushing my budget.
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  1. Best answer
    10/10 :) . looks perfect to me .

    but there is one problem .... it's I5-4670k not I5-4760k hhhhhhhh :D .

    go ahead buddy , this build looks awesome , you can run anything at Ultra with Perfect FPS .
  2. Corsair PSUs are nice, but 750w is probably a little overkill unless you plan to SLI in the future (although I'm guessing money isn't a problem here)

    *cough* Watercool that sh*t :)
  3. Sorry. Typing fast. Thanks. I might be SLI in the far future. What water cooling do you recommend.
  4. I can't go very much higher in budget, By the way.
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