My Book Live- No access- Permissions?

-My Book Live 2TB
-Green light ALWAYS flashing.
-Can see under Network, but clocking folders "MYBOOKLIVE is not accessible, etc"
-Dashboard won't load either http://mybookllive or 192.168.x.x
-Dashboard DOES load if I connect ethernet cable directly to the computer/PC
-I didn't think the reset button in back worked as it never gave any signs (Rebooting, LED light change, etc..), but my password was gone, so I set it again.
- My PS3 does recognize it and plays movies!
-WD2Go works and can access everything from my android connected only to my Wifi(Cellular data turned off), but not from either computer in my house
-Twonky server rebuilt/rescanned as everything was reset
-My Book Live Setup program pops up message "we've detected that you may not be able to" "copy files to or from the device ( Which strangely doesn't appear ANYWHERE on the internet, and seeems I am the first one in the world to ever have THIS problem :smileyfrustrated: )
- The short diagnostic came back okay, I didn't finish the long diagnostic yet, as I don't have the patience, yet)
Something about permissions and credentials, so I deleted all my save credentials because I'm pretty sure they didn't work anyways.....

I think that covers the gist of it. I've unplugged it, reset it, swore at it, thought about kicking it, gave it the stink eye, had a beer, ummm I think that's it.
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    Factory reset router- All good. Except my pride. :-/
  2. If it's under 2.2 TB then it is probably an NTFS format if it's a few years old. Pull the drive from the enclosure and hook it up directly to the mobo. Be careful as it will ask to format the drive. Hit cancel.
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