Having win7 installed, but having documents on another HDD

Ok so i'm basically wondering if its possible to have Win 7 installed on my SSD, but just the core files that it uses to boot from the SSD and have all the My Documents, Pictures, Videos folders to be on another HDD..

To explain more, i want the speed of having my OS installed on a SSD (the boot times) but i dont want all the space of my SSD being taken up by all the stuff i have in my Documents, Pictures, Videos folders..

I know an alternative is just making folders on the HDD of Documents, Videos, etc.. but i want it so if i click the start menu and click documents it goes to the HDD documents folder, and not the SSD documents directory..

Basically just the core OS on the SSD, then certain programs i want ran of the SSD, but the rest of the folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos) to be off the HDD..
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