sapphire hd 7970 oc problems?

I recently purchased a new graphics card: Sapphire HD 7970 OC. Previously I had a (faulty) Asus 7870 which I swapped with this one and even before the Asus an Nvidia 560 Ti.
I used "Driver Sweeper" to remove my previous drivers and then installed the drivers for the 7970 from the producer's site ( When I tried to run any 3D graphical application I got a Direct3D error and eventually I solved this by installing the drivers from
Initial tests:
- Heaven Uniengine: all settings on extreme, 1920x1080, full screen -> benchmarking score: 853 average fps: 29)
- furmark: 1 min. burn in test with 8x MSAA, 1920x1080, full screen, and any other options it had in settings turned to on -> benchmarking score: 1327 (max. temp.: 73)
- I took the passmark performance test and my card got a score of: 5053 (30 points under the average score on their site:

During any of these tests I saw no problems/ artefacts whatsoever.

Everything seems fine and dandy but: If I play League of Legends, from time to time I get artefacts for a second or less(green dots, green lines, green triangles, or a white screen) every 10 or more minutes.
If I play Dark ( ) from time to time the image freezes but the PC doesn't and the music/sound of the game keeps running in the background and the fans on the card start working heavily (up to 60%, from an average of 30%); after 1-2 minutes the screen unfreezes.
I also tried to watch an episode from a series (.mp4 video format) which I also have on my mobile phone and at certain points in the video the image freezes and when it recovers I get the old image overlapped over the new one for a couple of seconds. When I say certain points I mean: an example would be at 14:37 and 16:59 (just two examples) the screen freezes; at those exact timings, my phone doesn't freeze (so it ain't a video that's badly encoded).
Wether I play Dark or LoL, my card doesn't pass 65 degrees so temps are not the problem.

The rest of my specs: 8GB RAM DDR3, 1 TB HDD, AMD FX8350, ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0.

Could all my problems be cause by the fact that I changed 2 graphic cards until now and I didn't change windows? Also, is there any way of testing card's memory? (from what I read that might be the problem)
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  1. My Leugue does the same, I do not think LoL and AMD drivers are very happy together.

    The MP4 issue could just be a codex problem, doubt its graphics card related.
    As for Dark, its still new, check if its got any updates that may fix the issue.
  2. no mention of psu?
  3. I used to score 'under' for both gpu AND cpu (I aint tellin yer!)
    I bought a better psu, and the problem was solved(4000 points on cpu!!)
    So if you are running a 40 quid power supply, bin it. Spend £70 and get back to us.
  4. I have a 950W Nox PSU. It can't be the PSU since in LoL the graphics card isn't used more than 30% (max). In Dark the card is used a bit more intensely, reaching around 70% or more but still that shouldn't be a problem for the PSU.

    You say codex problem? Impossible. My old 560 Ti did nothing of the same to playback of .mp4 files. As mentioned in the original post: windows unchanged and nothing altered; I just removed the nvidia drivers and installed amd ones. So either amd is kinda bad at decoding or the graphics card is bad.

    I RMA-d it after using "memtestCL" and finding 2.5 million errors in its memory after just 6 iterations.
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