Question about Gigabyte 7950 HD Adapters.

I'm getting ready to purchase a Gigabyte 7950 HD and I had a question about the adapters I'd need for eyefinity. I'm running three 1440x900 DVI connection based monitors, (Final resolution will be 4xxx by 900)I know I'm going to need adapters for just one card, but what I must know is if I'm going to need active adapters, or passive adapters. They're both going to be display port mini adapters, but which ones will I need for this?
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  1. The third monitor must use an active adapter.
  2. You're 100%? Not doubting you, I just want to make sure before I purchase it. I found another forum where the guy said I wouldn't require an active adapter unless the monitor was over 1920x1200. So would I just need two passives, two actives, or one of each?
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