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Hello everyone. I am going to be upgrading my CPU in the next week or so and I have a few questions. I am on about a $300-$350 budget and I am trying to decide between a i5 3570k, i5 4670k and an i7 3770k. Now here is the problem. If the i5 4670k is the best choice I would have to buy a new motherboard for my rig as the one right now does not support it. With the i5 3570k and i7 3770k I would not have to buy a new motherboard. Keep in mind I do not overclock and I don't do video editing and things of that nature. This is strictly for gaming. What is my best option?
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  1. The 3570K is the best one for gaming - by far. i7 is for video editing and 4670k just has nicer graphics - which are useless if you run off a graphics card. Also, having the 'K' version will (I know you said you don't) enable overclocking in the future.
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    Actually newer games like Crysis 3 and even BF3 multiplayer can make use of the extra threads provided by Hyperthreading in the i7 chips. There are few games that can do this right now but if you are thinking about keeping the rig for a few years go with the i7 if it's in your budget.
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