Partially downloaded video file previews as a previously deleted video file?

Im not sure if this is a security issue or what but its happened around 2-3 times. I dont know what causes it and ive always wondered but never found an answer.

So basically when i download a video file via torrent, the thumbnail for that video is of ANOTHER video ive deleted (in my case yesterday) and when i preview it, it also plays the deleted video.

So to break it down..
- Download VideoA via torrent today.
- VideoA is partially downloaded in My Downloads folder.
- The thumbnail icon for VideoA is VideoB's thumbnail which was deleted yesterday.
- Previewing VideoA with vlc player (or any player) plays VideoB.
- Its as if im downloading VideoB.

So just to test it out, i deleted VideoA's partial download and torrent. I did a routine cleanup with CCleaner and cleared the thumbnail cache in case and restarted my computer. I re-downloaded VideoA again and sure enough, VideoB's thumbnail is present and once again it previews as VideoB.

What causes this? Since this is a torrent, does it mean users seeding VideoA will see VideoB since it seems like my computer got the video data mixed up or something? This ONLY happens when the video is partially downloaded though. If i let VideoA fully download then it will play as VideoA. What concerns me is the possibility of other family videos getting mixed up in any torrent i happen to download thats a video file and the possibility of users seeding, being able to see.

If it matters, VideoA (the one im trying to download) is a trailer thats in .avi format. The VideoB file that was deleted yesterday is an .mpeg file of some footage i took of some bird eating another bird on my lawn (it never happens and it blew my mind). Both video files have different names and were never on my computer at the same time.. this boggles my mind.

Thanks for the help in advance! i feel like this is the only place were ill get help. Ive asked on yahooanswers a few times everytime it occurs but i always get smart-ass answers or "lol u pirate" cause mentioning torrent is apparently bad now.
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