Z9PE-D8 WS 64GB Ram issue

2x Intel E5-2620
2x KVR16R11D4K4/32I Kingston (8x8GB)
Gigabyte GTX 770
Fractal Design TESLA R2 800W

PC boot normally with up to 56GB of RAM. Once the last RAM module installed, no POST. (BA code or in recovery ME mode: B9 code)
The problem is specific to one of the CPU. If I swith CPUs, DIMM_C1 does not work or DIMM_G1 does not work.

I tried:
Test different combinations of RAM placement.
Clearing CMOS.
Twiking BIOS memory settings (manufacturer settings, overclocking, AUTO).
Updating BIOS and motherboard drivers.
Installing another RAM (non-ECC, non REG), the problem does not change.
One CPU Installation: Correct work with first and did the same with the second CPU on DIMM_C1.

Does someone renconter of such problems? Any ideas? Thank you ...
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    Then it might be a CPU issue (memory controller). Try RMA-ing it and see if still the same with a new one.
  2. Yes, I think the problem must come from the CPU memory controller. I'll try the RMA.
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