How do I interpret the CPU hierarchy chart ?,3106-5.html

The simply higher up the chart, the better the CPU ?

So a 1090T BE is the same as an i3 2105, -2120, and -2125 ??
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    I find this chart a bit obscure also, but seems to be arranged in tiers - levels- that are then listed in order of performance. The value is that it's possible to see results in groups of similar performance and compare Intel to AMD. It appears that no AMD is in the top tier with the best Intel.

    A chart that seems a bit easier to make comparisons is the Passmark CPU Benchmarks list. You can search by name, organize 1,700+ CPU's by name, rank, price, and very usefully by cost / performance ratio >

    This list is compiled from Passmark tests and -I think- from data derived form Passmark performance Test. It's interesting that 7 of the top 10 CPU's are (very expensive) Xeons.


  2. where is the AMD A-Series in the hierarchy too ?
  3. It needs to be arranged like the GPU hierarchy is.
  4. tracker45,

    For ratings / hierarchy of any CPU you can select from the Tom's performance grouping -are you after "top tier", "middle of the road", or "just whatever works" performance, and then search the Passmark list for relative performance, price, and cost / performance ratio >

    > and if the CPU is an Intel, to find more details of the hardware / technology go to>

    > and enter a search by CPU and this site gives very complete specifications.

    For AMD ratings use the same lists and for details google the CPU designation followed by "specifications".


  5. Yes, thank you.

    I think I will just get an overclocked intel i5 cpu then.
  6. tracker45,

    I had a quick look at A-series AMD and the best performing A10 is the A10-6800K (APU),($150) inexpensive but ranked No. 180, whereas an i5-3570K ($220) is No. 98- and has a 33% advantage. And the range of motherboards for the i5 is excellent. If this is for overclocking / gaming, and you don't have to squeeze the price to the absolute minimum , an i5 will be the better choice and the 3570K seems to be the hot ticket.


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