Will this setup work (does the mother board support everything?)

I am a new person to PC's and I was wondering if the setup that I want will work together.

Phantom 410 case
Gigabyte GA-F2A75-D3H (can some tell me how many slots for ram it has?)
AMD A8 6600k 3.9ghz
EVGA GeForce GTX660
Corsair TX750 PSU
2x Patriot Viper Xtreme 8gb DDR3 RAM
Any brand 1 Terabyte HDD
Any brand DVD writer
Window 7 64 bit

Am i missing any part that is needed?
I was also wondering if if the whole system will work better with a AMD graphics card because the processor and the mother board are form AMD.
I want to use this PC for playing FPS like Battlefield 3 and CoD. Also I want to record and render gameplay.
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  1. Your CPU is compatible with your motherboard as it requires an FM2 socket to be put into to. The GTX660 requires a PCIe x16 slot to be connected to and your motherboard has two of them. No this graphics card you have chosen is good for playing games that you desire to play!

    Personally I would recommend you invest in an after market CPU cooler so that if you want to you can overclock your CPU and have good stable temperatures at the same time.
  2. Are you saying that I could have two gtx 660 to get double the power?
    And what CPU cooler would u recommend for my PC?
  3. No and I would not recommend that with that motherboard
  4. Azrael47 said:
    No and I would not recommend that with that motherboard

    I have been doing some research and I found out that the mother board is not sli capable. I have also thought of getting the and fx6300 CPU and get a completely new mobo, something with sli.
  5. What is your budget for everything? I am very good with AMD processors.
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