PCI-E x4 to PCI-E x16 "no display after changing slots"

A year ago, I bought all my parts to build my computer. After a year I realised my videocard wasn't running at full capacity (x4 instead of x16). So I changed slots and put my videocard in x16 but now my computer randomly detects my videocard (most of the time there is "no signal" displaying on the monitor) when I start my computer.

If I do manage to start the computer using the x16 slot my computer is very unpredictable. Sometimes it runs smooth and without any problems but sometimes my AMD driver keeps crashing and recovering and after crashing my computer it doesn't detect my videocard anymore in the x16 slot on startup.
I've tried to reseat the videocard many times but it keeps randomly detecting it while putting it into the x16 slot. When I put it back in the x4 slot, no problems occur and it always detects my videocard on startup.
I also have problems putting my computer in 'no display mode" or 'sleep mode' while using the x16 slot. Everything is normal until I try to move my mouse. The screen remains blank but my computer is still running. Also when I try to shutdown my computer, the screen turns blank but my computer keeps running.. so I need to manually shut it down pressing the powerbutton.
Both my Mobo and videocard are compatible running on x16 according to the manuals.
My computer doesn't show any error when using the x4 slot.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition ‎(X64)‎ Service Pack 1
Mobo: GA-Z77M-D3H BiosV: F12
Bios Date: 08/21/2012
Videocard: ASUS Radeon HD 7870 BIOS version:
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K
RAM: 8 GB total memory type DDR3 KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX
Memory chip Kingston from 4 GB
Memory chip Kingston from 4 GB
PSU: 650w
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  1. Try a complete uninstall/reinstall of your drivers. Also, make sure your bios is up to date.
  2. markwp said:
    Try a complete uninstall/reinstall of your drivers. Also, make sure your bios is up to date.

    I deleted and reinstalled my drivers but I couldn't update the BIOS because it is not compatible with 64 bit OS for some reason. (
    There is a F14h BIOS version but it is in BETA and there is only a download link for people who live in the US (I live in Europe).
  3. Best answer
    Your bios is available HERE for Europe. Always use the manufacturer's web site for bios - don't trust the "third party" sites to have the real deal. Also, don't use a beta bios. The F13 should be fine for your needs.

    Your board and the bios will support 64 bit .

    To uninstall your video drivers, use control panel for the initial uninstall - be sure to uninstall any other software like catalyst control center. Then download and run ccleaner to clean up any cruft left over in the registry, and finally, reinstall drivers and ccc.
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