Call of Duty vs Battlefield?

Which is actually better,Battlefied or Call of Duty.I asked 10 different people about this question,these people played call of duty and some battlefield:

1st person said:'I think call of duty is a good game for mid-ranged and extreme gamers'

2nd person said:'Battlefield is more realistic than call of duty,definitely go for battlefield'

3rd person:'I don't know'

4th person:'I think call of duty is a GG actually'

5th person:'Obviously battlefield is waaaaaaayyyy better than COD'

6th person:'I can't tell'

7th person:'Call of Duty is a rip off,go with BF3 it's way better than some punk a** COD'

8th person:'These kind of questions really depends on your favourite kind of gameplay'

9th person:'Depends actually,but i'll go with COD'

10th person:'BATTLEFIELD SUCK!!!!!!'

so all these people said either COD or Battlefield is better,but I never really thought which is better in terms of performance,logicness,graphics,story,action and all that good stuff.I do apologize for the battlefield or call of duty fans out there.If you guys have any good answers please do reply or just pick which person is right at the dialogue above.Anyway thanks.
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  1. if you want realisim and dont mind a slower gametype, go battlefield. if you are the run and gun kinda guy or the guy that is good at 18 player free for all, go cod

    no one game is better than the other
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    I have both and here's my opinions on them.
    +Amazing graphics +Lots of attachments
    +Lots of vehicles +Huge maps (Great if you like using sniper rifles)
    +Destructible environment +Spawn with your squad/objectives

    -Really glitchy -Only 4 multiplayer types (team deathmatch, rush, conquest and co-op)
    -Can't connect to matches sometimes -Spawn kills
    -A bunch of weapons over powered/under powered

    Call of Duty:
    +Lots of multiplayer types +Perks
    +Friends/people always playing +Lots of new content always coming out
    +Rewards fokill streaksks +Easy to play

    -Gets boring/frustratingng -Kill streaksks can be cheap
    -No vehicles on multiplayer exept co-op -Small maps
    -Ignorant players who scream and try to "troll" everyone on their team

    Battlefield 3's campaign is about a soldier beininterrogateded about nuclear bombs being found and two missing. You must find the location about the two nuclear bombs and who has them.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfares 3 campaign I'm actually not sure about, you'll have to google it sorry.

    In my opinion Battlefield is the way to go, it's a great game! Call of Duty is a good game as well but I prefer larger maps. Borrow both from a friend, see how you like them.
  3. to be honest, the bf3 single player was total junk. there wasnt actually any story
  4. I consider BF2 the best MP game of all time. Especially given the number of high quality mods (Project Reality comes to mind). Hate BF3 though; too many poor design choices and too unbalanced.

    These days, I can't play CoD at all; a decent CS:S ripoff, until the first person gets a heli. Game stops being fun after that.
  5. should try 18 player nuketown hardcore ffa. most people dont survive more than 5 seconds
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