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Well, I've been struggling with this one all morning, I can't make any of my USB 3.0 ports to work (the other ones works fine) I've tested them with different USB devices but nothing happens. I've look on this forum and google it but all I could find is: "update your USB drivers" which I did like a hundred times already :)
I'm using a Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 motherboard. Does anyone encounter this problem before or have a clue what might solve the problem (other than updating the drivers ;) )
Here's a screenshot of my devices in the control panel:

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  1. Explain what you mean by "not working". Are you unable to transfer data? Unable to hook up a device (printer)? Transfer speeds not what you expected? Are you speaking of the usb ports on the i/o shield or front case ports? Do you have usb 3 capable devices?
  2. I mean that nothing happens, the USB 3.0 ports doesn't do a thing. For example: When I hook my USB flash drive into a 2.0 port, the led will be on, the computer will do that sound that windows does any time you plug a USB device, the explorer window will automatically open, etc. When I try the same flash drive (or, my iPhone for example) into the port 3.0 nothing happens, no iTunes opening, no windows sound, no led, nothing.
    Now, this morning I couldn't make ANY USB3 port work, after some tweaking (honestly I don't know what I do, I've tried a millon things and lost track) I made the USB3 on the back to work :) yay! but the ones I'm interested are in the front and they're still dead, here's a new screenshot, notice that now I've a new line:

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    Make sure your case ports are in fact usb 3 and be sure the pigtail from the case front is plugged into the usb 3 header on your motherboard. The header is located between the memory slots and the 24 pin connector.
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