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So this is going to be my first build, and I originally was going to get the i5 Ivy 3570k over Haswell, but wile looking for processors on newegg I saw the AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz, and I was wondering if its worth saving $20 over the i5. I know that Intel has better cores over AMD and that no game in the foreseeable future is going to utilize all 8 cores, but its slightly cheaper and if Its worth getting over the i5 what motherboard would suit this card as well. also I'm worried about comparability with older games that are not multi-core friendly on windows 7 (ex Fallout 3) wile not a deal breaker, I spent some time getting games like Fallout to run on my current dual core Celeron 2.5GHz cpu and would like to be able to play it. (restricted the cpu to one core to run the game and with AMD's less powerful cores, I was wondering how much of a performance hit it might take if I restrict the cores.)

planned build

case: Cooler master HAF XB

cpu: undecided

motherboard: undecided

ssd: 128GB


ram: 8GB ddr3 1600MHz

cpu cooler: Cooler master Hyper tx3

gpu: gtx 770

psu: corsair 700W

OS: windows 7 H.P.
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    Well just 2 things to consider:

    1) What will you be playing?
    2) What apps will you be using...if any?

    The statement 'no game in the foreseeable future is going to utilize all 8 cores' really isn't true. Current games like Battlefield, Arma, Crysis3 are using more and more cores. Crysis 3 for example uses all 6 cores on my 1090t. So mulithtreaded gaming is here, now...just not widespread yet. As it becomes more common it will become more of a deciding factor.

    Also certain apps are better optimized for Intel. Their compiler tweaks a lot to support their CPUs but does not properly detect and optimize code paths or core counts and features for AMD CPUs. So depending on the application, intel can come out ahead, while in others the 8350 will come out ahead.
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