Radeon HD 7770 GHz OC anygood

I am looking into a GFX card to replace Radeon HD 3870X2 was advised to get same amount of stream cores 640, and a DDR5 and the highest bit-rate 128bit/s

so here is the card I have found

PowerColor AMD Radeon HD 7770 PCS+ OC 1GB GDDR5

whats your thoughts? and is it worth it? or can you reccomend a better nVidia one for same price? max 80GBP
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  1. WHat about XFX Cards?
  2. Okay so 7770 GHz only edition and try and get Sapphire!

    Thank you :) oh how good are the drivers on windows 7 64bit as my 3870x2 drivers are bad fails reloads alot at moment! stops me from playing games for more than 5 minutes
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