Am3+ Micro-atx motherboard?

usb 3.0
sata III
ddr3 memory with at least 1600mhz

Budget: $80

thanks if you responded!
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  1. I was pretty much looking for the same specs.

    Sadly what has been selected here as the solution does not support sataIII like the OP was looking for.
    That mobo is sataII as it has a 7xx series SouthBridge. I believe you need at least an 8xx series SouthBridge to get sataIII. Like the 850. At least from what I have researched and seen. Basically I have yet to see any mobo's using a 7xx series SouthBridge support sataIII (I.E. 710). Unless I have overlooked something.

    What is becoming troublesome is that the AM3+ MicroATX mobo's with such specs are becoming harder and harder to find. Most of what is listed is using 7xx series SouthBridge chipsets. Combine that with the fact that all motherboard companies seemed to have stopped manufacturing MicroATX motherboards using the AM3+ socket it is becoming a bit frustrating to say the least. They just seemed to be focused on APU's and FM2 sockets. Another thing I noticed was that the cost of these older MicroATX Motherboards are a bit higher than even some of the new motherboards that are NOT MicroATX. I think this is do to them becoming Rare and people still wanting them. Basically the market is still there a bit more than the motherboard companies thought it would be. So when they stopped making the board there was this hole left where people want the products but the supplies are dwindling until there is none left. All the good ones are practically gone now. So when they do pop up on the market people sale, like on ebay, people price them at original cost or for a bit higher price than what they would normally be at this point in time. :(

    You know today I saw one motherboard that fit the bill on ebay but sadly I did not win the auction. I think that there was like two or three others but they are practically well over $100 and at the point that I could get a newer full ATX mobo. So to me the price is just not worth it.

    For me the motherboard is all I need. It would be replacing an older MicroATX system that I had and I already have a spare AM3 cpu but I want this mobo to be able to be updated to AM3+ is the cpu goes out. That is why I am looking for an AM3+ and something that has the other specs listed by the OP. Like the sataIII which would be for one of my SSD's, my spare DDR3 Ram, and my external drives that support USB (3.0).

    Anyways I am hoping that I can find one of the MicroATX mobos that fit the bill. I have narrowed it down to a list which is below in no particular order. Each of them support the features that the both the OP and I are looking for. :)

    ASRock 880GMH/U3S3
    ASRock 890GM Pro3 R2.0
    ASUS M5A88-M
    ASUS M5A88-M EVO
    Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3
    MSI 880GMA-E35 (FX)
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