AMD FX-8350 vs. i7-4770k for Animator?

Hey guys, I'm helping a friend build her computer. She is an animator, using software like Maya and such and I'm wondering if even at the heaviest loads, will the AMD FX-8350 be sufficient? Or does she need to fork over the money for the i7-4770K?
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  1. I would choose the i7-4770K. The FX-8350 isn't a true 8-core processor, and constant high-load use (ie, render time) will favor Intel for their power efficiency. Check out Tom's Hardware's benchmarks for Maya using the 4770K.
  2. Maya’s software renderer is an advanced, multi-threaded renderer. It is based on a rendering technology that is built directly into Maya's dependency graph architecture, which means its feature nodes can be intimately connected with any other feature in Maya. It provides artists with an excellent general purpose rendering solution with very broad capabilities.

    Due to the multithreading a 8350 eight cores would be doding great in multithreading and even better when overclocked
    8350 would outperform a i7 in maya as its highly optimised for this software
  3. Generally, Intel has higher quality/better performing cpu's. If you are on a budget, AMD is fine. But if you have the cash, the intel chip will outperform AMD's any day. Also, if you truly need 8 cores, the i7 4770k has hyperthreading. Sources: Currently running the 4770k, couldn't be happier.
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    Autodesk Maya is highly optimized for the AMD FX CPUs actually. An AMD FX-8350 should perform rather well in this application. Power usage wise the AMD FX-8350 will consume more power but the cost difference is negligible.

    I'd get the AMD FX-8350 and save yourself some cash for a better SSD/GPU.
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