RAM- Overclocking / Adjusting Timings

I was wondering if there is any real world/ noticeable benefit to Overclocking RAM or adjusting RAM timings.

I have 24 GBs of Corsair Dominator RAM running on the X.M.P. profile @ 1600.

Can I overclock higher than the 1600?

Would it be worth overclocking higher or adjusting timings for gaming, video editing, audio recording?
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    If that is the same ram I think it is, it is just about running at top speed, you also don't gain a whole lot of real world benefit unless you do a lot of data movement.

    I had 12GB with my i7-950, I think the highest I got it to run without crashing was 1610Mhz. You could always go out and grab DDR3 2400 or something and run it at low frequency and tighten the timings.
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Overclocking Corsair Dominator RAM