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Hey all, been a while since i've been on here but I have a question for those cable techs out there. So for gta 5 release, I want to have it setup on my 23in hd monitor instead of my outdated 20in crt monitor (i mean, san andreas doesn't even look good on it). I think I have the sound figured out for my speakers but my question is this; I have an original 60gb PS3 and i just got an HDMI cable for my monitor, I was able to plug it into monitor> PS3 but i got no video input. I've been looking around and most people say to get a hdmi to DVI adapter.. so do I absolutely need to get an adapter or is there someway I can hook it up just using HDMI cable?
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    The PS3 has to be set to output hdmi. First turn off your ps3 then hold the on button on the ps3 itself for a few seconds, it should beep and reset the connection type and enable you to switch the settings to hdmi.
  2. As stated, you need to make sure you set your output to HDMI for your PS3.

    Also, you have to make sure you're input on your monitor is set to HDMI (check the buttons on the side of the monitor to switch between DVI and HDMI).

    EDIT: most recent monitors can output sound, but it will likely sound very low quality, so use a headset if you're not already (or ditigal audio to a seperate device or something).
  3. Haha I didn't even know my monitor has that setting. My tech knowledge is probably 6 years out of date! Anyways got it working tested it with gta 4 (I hope gta 5 looks better on ps3) and johnny- I'm waiting for an adapter to come in the mail so I can connect my speakers, although the monitor speakers weren't terrible (for monitor speakers that is). Anyways, I think everything's all good so you fellas have a good day, thanks!
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