Can't install XP on the netbook asus Eee PC 1015PX (HELP Please!)

Good day,

I am trying to install Win XP on the netbook asus Eee PC 1015PX by using USB DVD-ROM. After checking the system, that is after the preparation for installation, it comes out with the message that there is no Hard Discs are attached to the computer. However it is not possible as in the boot menu it is the second priority my Hard Disc (after DVDROM). Does anyone know what is the problem? One guy had something similar over here

and he came with the solution:
"I figured it out. There was a partition on the HDD that said BIOS and it was labeled as C: drive, so I deleted that and everything works. I was afraid to delete it because I thought the BIOS was actually on the hard drive but it isn't and XP is now installed and working."

But I don't understand what has he done? Can someone explain or suggest how to solve the problem.

Thank you!
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  1. why?
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    Likely hard disk controller is SATA in AHCI mode and a standard XP CD does not have the required driver so there may be a BSOD during install or hard drive not found

    If BIOS setting has choice of hard disk controller in AHCI mode or ATA mode change to ATA mode (or compatible mode) before booting off your XP CD

    speed loss caused by change from AHCI to ATA is minor

    Did this netbook previously have XP or LINUX or Vista or 7

    Some came with Windows 7 Starter (32 bit)
    Which is the best choice especially if you add another 1GB of DDR-3 RAM

    There is probably a recovery partition containing the files to re install the original operating system

    Mike Barnes
  3. Thank you very much Mike. I just went in boot menu to Advanced - IDE Config - Config Sata as IDE and the problem was solved.

    All the best.
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