What difference is there between these two CPUs?

Hello, i have an old 2003 pc that i am just using for word processing and emails, but the stock cpu (celeron 2.4ghz 400mhz bus speed ,128kb cache) is painfully slow and maxes out at 100% when doing the simplest task. so i went ahead and looked for an upgraded processor that will support my mobo, and i came up with a pentium 4 3.06 ghz and bought it hoping for a decent performance upgrade. (costed $10 total)

the pentium 4 has 533mhz bus speed and 512kb cache

will this result in a good up in performance like i think it will?
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    Not only that. That Pentium 4 chip has Hyperthreading. So Windows will see it as 2 CPUs (2 logical cores). This should help out in terms of switching between your Word processing and emails.
  2. I did the same thing with a Dell Dimension 3000, it provided a noticeable improvement. However, I would recommend upgrading your motherboard and processor before putting any more money into such an old machine. You could get a much more powerful system, like this APU and mobo, for about $200.
  3. yes Pentium 4 will give a lot better speeds. However this is relative to the previous cpu that you have had. Don't expect to get anywhere near the performance of modern cpu's.
  4. Well if its only $10 then why not try it out and see if your satisfied.

    If you have some cash to spend. How close are you to these locations?

    If reasonably close,

    AMD combos:

    Intel combos:

    You don't necessarily have to choose the selected MOBO. You can browse motherboards of the same chipset as the combos, add the desired board, remove the undesired, desired will now be discounted.
  5. Yes it would be an upgrade that would give u performance boost
    This link will help u judge for yourself i wud suggest as it has hyperthreading that means an extra logical core that is equal to 50-70% the physical that would b giving good performance than what u have
  6. wow thanks! that is a great encouragement!

    i only spent $10 on this computer i got for free and im not putting any more into it.
    the computer is in the 'office' and its my parents' , and it will only be used for word processing ,so i don't need a new computer.

    and on the other hand i am building myself a new i5 4670k system for my use :bounce:
  7. That would be great

    Dont frget to close the post
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