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I'm pretty new to overclocking, so I was following a tutorial on how to overclock my video card. I followed instructions and I believe I found my limit for my current voltage setting. Stock I was at 772mhz gpu clock, 2004mhz memory clock, and voltage setting at 1024mv. Now I am at 815mhz gpu, 2017 mem, and same voltage. Anything higher and my drivers are crashing. The thing I don't understand is that my temps are running very low even on the heavy stress test. I'm using 3dmark11 Extreme stress test, and my card is maxing out at about 55-60 deg. Is this expected? Is there anything I can SAFELY do to increase the power from this point on without threatening the life of the card any time soon?

My current setup:

Windows 7 64 bit
Intel core i7 3.2ghz 6-core
12GB ram Corsair xms3
Antec 900 black steel case
EVGA X58 FTW3 Motherboard
EVGA GTX580 1.5gb

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    As with any OC, try a little more voltage and see how high you can go while monitoring temps
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    As with any OC, try a little more voltage and see how high you can go while monitoring temps

    Since I've never done this before I'm a bit cautious. How much is "a little more?" What temps should I be watching out for before I stop increasing the voltage/GPU/Memory?
  3. Believe the top temp for the 580 is 97c, after that it dials itself down
  4. *Update* Ok so far I found a pretty stable overclock. Right now I'm sitting at 870 mhz, 1742 shader, 2001 memory, and 1075MV which caps out around 65 deg. when stress testing. I tried going 900mhz at 1100MV but it was crashing drivers, and I don't want to rush going too high on the voltage scale. Any opinions/comments?
  5. Looking good, don't worry about rushing it, with OCing it's best just to walk away from it on occasion, and then come back with your mind clear - document what all you do,
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