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I think it's about time to upgrade my pc.So here are my specs:Radeon HD 5670,4 gb ram(sadly 3,5 gb usable because 32-bit win 7,but i will go to 64) and processor AMD Athlon II x4 630.So i looked very good and decided to upgrade my processor.I know that my video cards is not from the best,but it's good.I looked and understand that i will really boost my fps on gaming with better processor.The one that i have chosen is Intel i3-3220.Saw comparisons between my current processor and that one and of course intel is much better.But I would like to see some professional opinion or at least someone who understand something.And also should i upgrade my motherboard?I have to admit that i have no idea of motherboards and if i keep me old will i get a worse performance or I wont be able to keep at all?I am aiming for better gaming performance and not only i want multitasking and i think intel got that both.
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  1. Since you have an AMD processor, if you switch to an Intel processor you will have to buy a motherboard too. Also, what games will you be playing? Most games will benefit from a better graphics card vs a better processor. Unless the CPU is so slow it bottlenecks the GPU.
  2. The processor you chosed will need a new mobo as its a different socket u ll need a 1155 socket intel board for a 2 core i3 3220 ivy bridge

    But i would not suggest that processor to u as it is a dual core cpu and today most games use more core crysis 3 uses 6 cores at their max of 1090t

    I would suggest u fx 6300 for u

    What is ur budget??
  3. Well in my country the values are different so i will say as much intel i3-3220 and fx 6300 +- 10-15$
  4. That's a great gaming CPU. And yes, you will have to upgrade your motherboard and reinstall Windows.
  5. Ohkay but 6300 would be better just get a good 970 board if u dont have budget for 99fx board and then u can o.c. It further to get the best out of it
  6. So you are saying even though i get fx 6300 i will still need to buy a new motherboard?
  7. Yes u wud be buyin a new board as its am3+ cpu
    What is the mobo u have ???
  8. i tried to see it but unfortunately i couldnt.Can you tell me how to check it? and what is am3?
  9. U can check the chipset in system information
  10. it says "To be filled by O.E.M" when click on system information but i will see with 3rd party program
  11. Asrock n68-s
  12. Best answer
    Look if u are not having good budgets upto 200$
    Then get a phenom ll 1065t hex core processors

    And if u have budget then get a fx6300 and a 970 mobo
  13. phenom ll 1065t is not avaible in my country something else?
  14. 1035t or any other phenom 6 core cpu???
  15. Okey i will search for others.Thank you for the fast answers,very helpful :)
  16. Yeah dont forget to close the post
    U can get any cpu just make sure that the am3 cpu u choose is maximum 95tdp processor
    And feel free for any assistance before buyin just PM me
  17. Maximum 95w, remember. Phenom II X4 or X6 (not Black Edition) is what you're looking for.
  18. what is tdp and why it shoulde be 95 ? If i decide to buy fx 6300 should it be black edition,because i want to overclock it?
  19. If u buy a fx 6300 you should buy it with a new mobo
    6300 is a black edition cpu
    Tdp is the max power a cpu utilizes
  20. Is there a huge difference in the performance of fx 6300 and some of the phenom x4 or x6?I need to know is it worth buying fx 6300.And also if the new motherboard will give me a huge benefits,is it worth buying a new?
  21. IT IS a 20-30% increase in performance
  22. For example,in excel there is a person who works on my pc with a LOT of information which include calculations,ID number,etc will the fx 6300 increase the speed of this processes?
  23. even a core 2 duo can perform great in excel
  24. yeah but my point is will the fx 6300 will increase the speed comparing to my current cpu?
  25. yes it will be a 50% increase in performance
  26. sadly,i wont buy a new processor i will post a thread for overclocking my current :(
  27. Yeah o.c. It
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