Everything in computer turns on, but no display

I have clue what to do... Searched the Internet for the past two hours and haven't torrent anywhere. I bought a new case, so I switched everything over to it and now the computer is not working. Everything was working before switching cases, so I don't know how anything could have broke.
When I turn on the computer, everything starts up and my fans all start going. The keyboard also flashes for a second, so everything is getting power. However, there is no display on my monitor. I have tried multiple monitors and none work. I though it might have been my graphics card, so I took it out and tried plugging the monitor into the motherboard graphics port, but there is still no display.

I have absolutely no clue what is wrong, and I feel like absolute crap having spent all this money only to have everything stop working
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    Check if your RAM is seated in the right way and check if all your cables are connected properly.
    If that doesn't help take appart the whole computer and re-install everything.
  2. I took everything apart and connected each little thing one by one, attempting to boot up each time. Finally figured out that the problem was with the reset switch connector that hooks from the case to the motherboard. On my case, the Antec DF-85, the reset switch button must be stuck or something, because I can't push it down, either. Not that I ever use the restart button anyways, so I don't care, I'm just really happy that everything is working again.
  3. Nice to here that!
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