which graphic card to buy within $400. gigabyte gtx 770 or gigabyte HD 7970

to play games like BF 3, skyrim , crysis 3 , counter strike global offensive , dota 2 borderlands 2 , farcry 3 ,mortal combat , arma 3 , call of duty ghosts , metro , bioshock infinite , etc

and is the 2gb enough if i take gtx 770 or shud i go for 4gb ?? ( i play with 1920*1080 resolution) ultra high settings in everything

and iam not gonna overclock . iam gonna run as it is out of the box so tel which performs good according to these requirements
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  1. anyone here????
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    The GTX 770 is going to be a much better option for these reasons:

    1) The GTX 770 is a higher performing card overall, and comes with the benefits of the Nvidia ecosystem: Adaptive VSync, TXAA, FXAA, Monitor overclocking, Shadowplay, PhysX, Geforce Experience, better SLI game performance, etc.

    2) Your games list features several PhysX games that will require the GTX 770 in order to successfully enable all the graphics settings. Also, in Skyrim, only Nvidia cards allow you to enable Ambient Occlusion which significantly affects the quality of almost all the in-game visuals.

    3) The GTX 770 overclocks itself with Turbo Boost 2.0, so it's a good option for someone like you who does not intend to overclock manually.
  3. 1. there is a version of 7970 called "7970 boost" and its the same thing as nvidia turbo boost

    2. they are both good card

    7970 is just a little bit behind but nothing too much

    go with 770 that comes pre overclocked
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