PC won't boot up after inserting new Graphics Card

Hello. I have bought a HIS HD 7750 Radeon graphic card, but, when I insert it in the PCIe 16 slot, the PC won't boot up. No beeps, nothing. I have tried several other things as re-seating the RAM, Graphic card and Modem. I even re-plugged all the power cables of all the peripheral components, but the problem still persists. Onboard VGA and my other graphic card (GeForce GT210) works fine individually i.e by inserting and plugging in each, turn-wise, and the PC boots up. But this problem is occurring only with this particular graphic card.
P.S I have tried updating my BIOs as well, but that didn't helped either.

My PC Specs are:
Mother Board: Gigabyte VM900 (rev 2.0)
Processor: Intel Dual Core E2140 1.61 GHz
RAM: 3 G.B
Power Supply: 400W (This card is compatible with 400W, so does it says on the box anyways)
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    What brand and age of power supply? 16A on 12V rail?

    Betting it's actually not putting out enough juice.
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